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Not much a better feeling than to crank up an ol' bandsaw and resaw yourself a bunch of ol' wood...

     ...and, you don't want to be standing here.  If the blade snaps, they sometimes come flying out in your direction.  Kind of like in the movie, 'The Alien.'  It's written on the stile of our Northfield bandsaw shown in the right most side of this photo (must have lived a previous life in a high school wood shop).  I can't tell you how many times we have visitors who go and stand...exactly there. Usually if I'm in the middle of cutting something, I continue what I'm doing but verbally ask them to read the sign.  That requires somewhat of a dual concentration, on what you're cutting and also into 'the other world' of the people around you.  It's really not their fault though, it's the natural place to want to be if a spectator.  Kind of like 50 yard line seats for the big game, you get to see everything from that exact spot.

     On the following pages, you'll meet our two bandsaws, a 28" Northfield and a 36" Tannewitz, both used for specific purposes and both true classics in their own rights.  The Tannewitz as an awsome bandsaw that we use for resawing, the Northfield for radius and smaller cuts.  It mostly has to do with the blades on each saw and with two saws like this, you are able to go to the blade you need for the specific cut and not so much the saw.  Of course, we have our resaw blade on the 'big boy' and our narrow, radius blade on the                                        'little guy.' 

largest inventory in southern california tropical exotic hardwoods



  • 'Raw' COCOBOLO 'cants'
  • ZIRICOTE full boards




  • 'Raw' cants
  • Milled Boards
  • Live Edge Slabs
  • Bookmatches
  • Quilts and Spalts
  • Turning Blanks 





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